Washington State University

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Anonymous asked:

are you rushing a white sorority? if so, does the recent Chi Omega scandal at University of Alabama concern you?

Made in the Northwest answered:

I am rushing a Panhellenic sorority.

I don’t go to Bama and sororities and i’ve visited all 13 chapters at my school and they’re all so diverse and have black girls, asian girls, hispanic girls and anything under the sun.

Although it’s disappointing, I know my school is NOTHING like that and i’m confident in my decision to go through Pan recruitment.

As a matter of fact, I saw the most women of color at my schools Chi Omega chapter.

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pennsylvaniaavenuepretty asked:

hey girl! are you at school yet? If so, how do you like it so far?!

Made in the Northwest answered:

Yeah! I got here Sunday and I love it so much! I’m going through sorority recruitment, getting to know everyone on my floor and in my building just all over the place!

I’m pretty outgoing and social, so just talking to people these past few days has been so great for me

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